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February, 2013
 Miner Details
 The Latest News Affecting the Construction Aggregates Industry
Compliance Corner
With multiple regulations and regulatory agencies affecting the construction aggregates industry, this section is designed to help keep you informed of important compliance dates and advisories. 
South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD):
Does your mine site and/or batch plant facility have a gasoline dispensing tank and is your site within the (AQMD)?  If the answer is yes, please note that you are required to submit your facility's monthly gasoline throughput data for calendar year 2012 by March 1, 2013!  AQMD recently put out an advisory that can be viewed here 461 Letter.
This requirement can be found in AQMD Rule 461 Section c.(3) (Q).  IN addition, keeping monthly gasoline throughput records is now a requirement in Section e. (6) (D) on page 461-22.
Action Alert!!
If your operation is located in Los Angeles County and or your company owns land in Los Angeles County please be aware of the Clean Water, Clean Beaches proposed parcel fee.  Fees for mine sites can be as much as $20-$50,000 annually!  To calculate your proposed fee, go to this website and enter your parcel number: Clean water
It is important to file a protest form by March 12, 2013 LA County Stormwater Protest Instructions form.
For more information Please go to the LA County Clean water Website.
Bureau of Land Management (BLM):
The BLM has announced that it is accepting applications for it's 2013 Reclamation and Sustainable Minerals Development Awards.  Applications are due by March 29, 2013.  The award broadly recognize mines for health, social responsibility, safety, operations, and reclamation.  For an application of questions, contact
News Blast
ASCE testifies before the Senate Environmental and Public works Committee. The hearing was solely focused on the trust funds for aging infrastructure and congestion.  Our nation's marine ports, inland waterways, and airports makes shipping more expensive due to poor infrastructure.
California High-Speed rail still needs to acquire land in the Central Valley.  The project is expected to break ground in July with the first 130 mile segment.
High-Speed Rail line from Southern California to Las Vegas is expected to get funding. Once the loan has been approved the nation's first privately funded high-speed rail line will take a year to begin, and five years to complete.
Political SurgePile
LaHood will not serve a second term at the Transportation Department.  In his departure, LaHood points out how far behind America's infrastructure is.
California: Need for regulatory reform.  Governor Jerry Brown is setting the stage for California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) reform.
Infrastructure a focal point in Obama's speech.  A $50 billion "Fix-it first" for the urgent fixes to nearly 70,000 structurally deficient bridges across the U.S.
Hard Rock Economics
Construction employment rose from December 2011 to 2012 in many areas of the U.S., however, declines were also felt through the country from declining public sector demand.
Reducing long-term debt by investing in infrastructure.  By looking ahead at infrastructure would help reduce unemployment and improve our economy.
California Economy on the mend to a better future.  California is seeing a consistent pattern of economic recovery following the Great Recession.
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