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November 2012
The ALD Now Makes Up 75% of total Regulated CPA Population
The 38 states live on the ALD comprise approximately 75% of all regulated CPAs, leaving only about 25% of regulated CPAs left to add to the national database. On CPAverify, the 33 live states make up about 72%% of the regulated CPA population. -read more-
New Feature Alert!
Searching for disciplinary, non-compliance, and enforcement cases within the ALD just got a whole lot easier. In the past, there was no easy way to search generally for records with disciplinary history without searching for a specific person or sifting through lists of search results. -read more-
The ALD Big Four
NASBA is as focused on data quantity and quality as we are on helping State Boards participate in the database. Our new focus is on what we’re calling, the ALD Big Four! These four key goals will ensure an intuitive search experience for the users but also that the database truly becomes a one-stop-shop. -read more-
Enforcement Achievements and Winner of Best Success Story
Many enforcement achievements are occurring all over the country because of the additional layer of information that the ALD affords State Boards. This is thanks to the state boards’ commitment to the breadth and accuracy of the data within the ALD and the efforts of NASBA combined with ALD features such as the disciplinary email alerts and linked records across state lines. -read more-
The ALD Bolsters Paperless Processes
In the spirit of paperless, efficient and eco-friendly processes, State Boards may want to consider using the ALD to serve the purpose of the conventional Interstate Exchange of Examination and Licensure Information forms that are typically required when processing a Reciprocity license application. -read more-
The Elephant in the Room Series- Part I
In order to reach 100% participation among states in the ALD, we know that we need to address your main concern… come on…. It’s the elephant in the room…. Security of data. Some of the data shared for the ALD can be sensitive in nature and NASBA has taken all necessary precautions to safeguard it. Let’s first talk about Security of the ALD and CPAverify systems. -read more-

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