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February 2013
2013 Shaping up to be a Big Year for ALD and CPAverify
With almost three quarters of boards of accountancies already participating in the ALD and CPAverify, and commitment from nearly 100%, NASBA staff is preparing to help the final fifteen join the ranks of those already live. -read more-
ALD Makes History with 40 Boards of Accountancy on the ALD
NASBA and the ALD/CPAverify Committee are excited to announce that participation in the national database has now reached 40 Boards of Accountancy. The ALD now accounts for 82% of the world's CPA population. -read more-
What’s on Tap for the ALD/CPAverify Committee
Recently, NASBA proudly announced that ALD participation has now reached 40 boards of accountancy, inching ever closer to accomplishing the ALD/CPAVerify committee’s charge of achieving recognition and acceptance of the ALD and CPAverify by all boards of accountancy and relevant stakeholders. -read more-
Crunching the Numbers for
Most readers of the ALD Newsletter and those familiar with CPAverify know that is a fantastic website that minimizes the need to check multiple state board websites to determine a CPA's license status. But the question is, does the rest of the world know about the great benefits provided by -read more-
Laurie Tish
Meet Laurie Tish, the new Chair for the ALD/CPAverify Committee! Laurie has just begun her fifth year serving on NASBA’s Board of Directors and is now serving her second year of a three year term as a Director-at-Large.  -read more-
The Elephant in the Room Series- Part II
In order to reach 100% participation among states in the ALD, we know that we need to address your main concern… come on…. It’s the elephant in the room…. It’s security of data. NASBA is dedicating this three-part series to tackling the tough questions about data security. -read more-

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