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Michael Buckley

Hormone Solutions #12 Update December 2013

Dear Customer
Hormones, particularly the bio-identical hormones oestradiol, testosterone and progesterone are once again back in favour with the media, medical research, patients and physicians.
At the International Congress of Andrology held earlier this year in Melbourne world renowned researchers and clinicians presented paper after paper demonstrating that testosterone in the low-normal range has a direct correlation with obesity, diabetes-type 2, metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease and depression in men. Read more 
Testosterone use in women continues to expand beyond the domain of low libido. Research on the role of testosterone in depression, IVF poor responders, dry eye syndrome and brain function (verbal learning and memory) all support  the important multi-purpose role testosterone plays in hormonal health and balance. We are proud to be involved in much of this ground-breaking work. Read more
There has been a checkered history of hormone use in both men and women over the decades - HRT in women started in the late 60's and was touted as the fountain of youth to stave off the ravages of aging. History showed us that the doses used then were up to one thousand times higher than what was needed to be clinically effective. The same applied to the use of the oral contraceptive Pill - the consequence was increased rates of uterine cancers. Body-builders and drug-cheating athletes do not enhance the image of hormone use; however today experts in the field are very aware of the potential side effects of excessive hormone use. Medical guidelines for prescribing are very focused on the minimal effective dose and the careful monitoring of patients over the longer term of use. Education of doctors and patients is the key to better hormone prescribing and use. Late in 2012 I was invited to give a lecture at a conference in Malaysia on Testosterone and Sex. It was recorded and as part of the Hormone Solutions education program it is now available for general viewing - see below.
As the year draws to a close I would like to wish you and your family a relaxing Christmas break and healthy 2014.     
As always if you have any hormone questions feel free to contact me directly via email at
Yours sincerely
Michael Buckley
CEO / Medical Director / Pharmacist  

There has been a dramatic shift in expert medical opinion over the consequences of low testosterone.
In February 2013 the city of Melbourne, Australia hosted the 10th International Conference of Andrology which is held every four years. The world’s leading researchers, physicians and clinicians from the fields of urology, endocrinology, andrology and reproductive medicine emphasized time and time again that low testosterone underpins major illnesses that account for over 60% of health expenditure in the developed world.

In a major shift of policy, the pivotal message.....   Read More
In late 2012 I was invited to speak at a medical conference in Malaysia on Testosterone and Sex together with internationally renowned doctors Nick Delgado, USA and Malaysian O&G and Qi Gong Master Dr Amir Farid Usahak. There were over two hundred doctors in attendance.
Malaysia is a culturally mixed population with Malays, Indian, Chinese and numerous other races peacefully co-existing. There have been a number of published studies conducted in male and female Asian populations that have shown a reticence to discuss sexual issues in an open and frank matter. Knowing this I didn’t want to make any cultural faux pas in my presentation. The talk was split into three parts
To watch the lecture click on one of the above linked sections.

What’s the difference between Androgel and AndroForte?

I am regularly asked what’s the difference between AndroGel and AndroForte 5?
Both have the same active ingredient – testosterone is the identical hormone produced by the testes.
In short the great difference is where the two are applied.
Androgel 1% testosterone gel is applied to the body (inner arm and upper body) whereas AndroForte 5% testosterone cream is applied to the scrotum. ..... Read more
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  • A dramatic shift in expert opinion on low testosterone in men
  • Testosterone and Sex - view a lecture
  • What's the difference between Androgel and AndroForte?
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