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Tanna K. Strom MS, LMFT, LPC, RPT-S, CCPS
Licensed Marital & Family Therapist
Licensed Professional Counselor & Supervisor
Registered Play Therapist & Supervisor
Certifield Child & Parenting Specialist

Couple Connection & Intimacy
A goal for your relationship . . . DATE NIGHT
     One of my favorite, basic strategies to help couples stay connected or re-connect is to have a regular “date night”. Planning for special one on one times sends a message of “You are important to me!” Things to consider in setting up a date night:

Regular times work best. Once a week works well.
Date Night can be Date Day. It is about finding time for just the two of you.
You can take turns deciding what to do. Interactive things create the most connection.
Keep it fun and not a problem solving time. Do set up times for discussing your problems but not on date night.
Keep firm and resolute as to keeping your date. If you must cancel, reschedule for the same week if possible.

    Don’t underestimate this very simple, old fashioned activity. It is powerful and many couples report this to be extremely helpful. Here is to Happy Dating!
 ~ The couple that plays together stays together ~ 
Positive Thinking 
A goal for positive thinking ... MORE HAPPINESS 
     In this column I will address in each newsletter positive affirmations, quotes, activities, etc. to enhance the ability to be more positive. Why is this worthy of a column? Because how we think and how we frame things affect how we choose to live our lives. When we choose to be positive we choose to be more happy and peaceful and we make those around us feel more happy and peaceful.
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Visions for a New Year   
In this issue ...
  1. Individual Growth & Wellness - CREATING A VISION
  2. Couple Connection & Intimacy - DATE NIGHT
  3. Family: Creating a Healthy Home Base - FAMILY MEETINGS
  4. Thoughtful Parenting - MINDFUL PARENTING
  5. Positive Thinking - MORE HAPPINESS 
Individual Growth & Well Being
 A personal goal for you . . . CREATING A VISION
This is the time of year that many people set new goals for themselves. The New Year can be used as a helpful trigger for us to rethink what we really want for our lives. I have found that creating a “vision” is the first step in helping us to get where we want to go.
  • What is your Vision or Goal?
  • Be Specific, Describe What You Want in Detail – Make a Movie in Your Mind

1. What will be happening if I reach my goal? What will I be saying and doing? What would it look like?

2. How will I be addressing the challenges that will try to keep me from my goal?

3. What will I be feeling as a result of reaching my goal? 

4. How will others respond to me when I have reached this goal? What might they say to me or about me?

  • Take your special vision and hang it up in a place you will see. Read it at the beginning of every day.
  • Keep a Success Journal
At the end of the day, write down the things you did to make your vision begin to come alive.  Congratulate yourself on your success! 

~ Developing a clear vision is the first step to creating the life you want ~ 

Family: Creating a Healthy
Home Base
A goal for your family . . . FAMILY MEETINGS
These are regularly scheduled times for families to get together and support one another, solve problems and plan & coordinate family activities. It is a “connect time”.

The Main Components of a Family Meeting Are:

1. A regularly scheduled, weekly meeting.

2. “I Appreciate You” Sharing Time.  Each member has a turn to say something positive about other members of the family.

3. Positive Problem Solving. A time for each member to be able to present anything that they see as a problem. Members share feelings and then generate potential ideas to solve the problems. All ideas are considered. The goal is to find a solution all can agree on to try.

4. Coordination of Family Activities & Chores. A family calendar works well.

5. Planning Family Fun for the Coming Week. Preferably something everyone would enjoy. 

6. Ending Ritual.  A family activity, A goal for the coming week, Sharing of a success from the previous week, etc. You decide what is a fit.

~ Family Meetings: A model for teaching repect & cooperation ~ 

Thoughtful Parenting
A goal for parenting . . . MINDFUL PARENTING
What do you feel each of your children need emotionally at this time?  By mindfully and thoughtfully thinking about what each of your children’s emotional needs are, you can begin the process of developing a plan to help each of them. 
Does one need more self – confidence? Maybe another needs ways to handle their anger or how to feel less anxious. As their parents you have an opportunity to actively help each one of them to develop specific skills or make attitude shifts that will serve them better. 
~ Identifying the need & setting a goal to work on it is the first step... ~
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