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August 2012
NASBA and State Boards Reach New Milestone with CPAverify
Momentum continues to grow as more and more states make participating in the ALD and CPAverify a top priority. Thank you all for your dedication to this project. Together we have reached the milestone of having 30 states live on CPAverify. This is a huge accomplishment. The website was launched on October 24, 2011 with 22 states. During the nine months that have followed, we have had eight more states add their data. Thank you!
In just the past few weeks, five more jurisdictions have all given their approval to participate in CPAverify. –read more-
Promote Your Participation
Participation in is a great thing your Board is doing for the public, so feel free to tout this to your constituents and we are here to help make it easy for you. NASBA has provided a ready-made press release that you can download, edit to include your own Board’s details, and send to your state society and local and state media outlets. –read more-

Searching Just Got Easier on
With the recent additions of large population states to the ALD and CPAverify, the challenge of how to address the issue of potentially immense search results came to the forefront. CPAverify previously had a limit of 150 names in the search result. The decision to limit the search results was one made by the ALD Task Force, with a recommendation by our Senior Developer, Mike Semich, as a security precaution. 
Enforcement Benefits of ALD and CPAverify Featured at Regional Meetings
The ALD and CPAverify were highlighted as resources available to State Boards to support them in their enforcement efforts at the recent Eastern and Western Regional Meetings, held in Philadelphia, PA and Anchorage, AK respectively. During the Enforcement Breakout Session that focused on using available resources effectively, Elizabeth Bachhuber and Rebecca Gebhardt shared some of the features of the ALD and CPAverify that are most helpful in general Board research and in Board investigations. –read more-

Tips for Making Your Own ALD and CPAverify Implementation a Slam Dunk
We’ve recently reached a milestone of 30 states on CPAverify and 36 states on the ALD! To sustain this trend, NASBA has continued to streamline the implementation process, which means a smoother, quicker path to launch. We know State Board IT resources are a hot commodity and with our new tools, we’ll help even the busiest IT team get this project completed as painlessly as possible.
Incorporate these tips to ensure your own Board’s ALD and CPAverify implementation is a huge success: –read more-

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