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January, 2013
 Miner Details
 The Latest News Affecting the Construction Aggregates Industry
Compliance Corner
With multiple regulations and regulatory agencies affecting the construction aggregates industry, this section is designed to help keep you informed of important compliance dates and advisories.
California Air Resources Board (ARB):
"On January 1st, 2013 all owners and operators of heavy-duty diesel vehicles with engine model years 1996-2004 must meet the new engine requirements.  Failing to do so could result in penalties that start at a minimum of $1,000 per violation per month.  For more information go to ARB's website.
Portable Equipment Registration Program (PERP):
The South Coast Air District sent a reminder to owners of portable engines registered in the states Portable Equipment Registration Program (PERP) to remember and to check in for an inspection. PERP registered equipment is required to be inspected by their home air district within 45 days of the initial registration or renewal date.
New Portable Diesel Engine Emission Requirements:
As of January 1st, 2013 portable diesel engines registered in PERP or operating under air districts permits must comply with new PM emission standards for portable engine fleets. The standards are part of the states Air Toxic Control Measure (ATCM) for portable engines.
News Blast
California high-speed rail cost figures coming in, but no one will see them yet.  Bullet train officials say they will keep the price portion of the bids sealed, while they analyze the quality of the proposals.
California's water supply comes before fracking needs.  The great fracking debate is coming to California, putting the oil and natural gas industry against environmentalists in a battle for control over the Monterey shale, believed to be the richest oil deposit in the United States.
SANDAG invites comments on regional planning input.  SANDAG is working with the county to and local community officials to develop a long-range regional plan, covering issues including land use, transportation, infrastructure and housing.
Political SurgePile
Interstate 5 is moving closer to environmental disaster.  The proximate cause of this latest delay is a Caltrans decision to build longer bridges over three North County lagoons.
Democratic senators pass torch to EPA on climate change.  After years of trying - and failing - to get climate change legislation through Congress, top Senate Democrats are publicly ready to hand over the power to President Obama and the EPA.
Miners may pay the United States more in royalties under 1872 overhaul.  The United States government could reap hundreds of millions of dollars by collecting royalties from gold, silver, and other mines exempt under an 1872 law.
Hard Rock Economics
Funding important transportation infrastructure in a fiscally constrained environment.  Rethinking how America pays for and manages its critically important transportation infrastructure.  
San Diego Workforce.  Unemployment rates for November; construction employment continue to show growth!
Real estate: Construction industry poised for comeback.  The inland region's economy will show more signs of life in 2013.
What is California's pent-up demand?  As the housing market shows signs of improvement, a looming question keeps repeating: what is the size of pent-up demand?
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